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Booking a Hostel in Seattle

hostelWith only one hostel, Seattle isn’t exactly a hostel hotspot (say that five times fast!), but that doesn’t mean you won’t still be a savvy traveler when booking your stay in Seattle. Chances are good that you’ll investigate the booking possibilities at several different websites to get the best deal, and that’s a good start – but what will distinguish one booking service from another when they all list the only hostel in Seattle?

One thing you can look for is whether the booking site has good maps or directions to let you know where the hostel in Seattle is in relation to what you want to see and do in the city, and also to let you know how to get to them using public transportation (or using good driving directions). Another thing to consider is whether the website is attempting to do a thorough job by giving you tips on things to do and see while you’re in Seattle. After you’ve checked out the sites below a little bit, you’ll no doubt find a favorite – but it’s better for you to do that yourself rather than us tell you which one is best!

Here are the links for Seattle hostel listings with some of the online booking services:

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