Seattle Hotels

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There is no shortage of hotels in Seattle, so the hard part is not finding a hotel with a vacancy, it is finding a hotel that best suits your needs and your budget. So, here are a few things to keep in mind in order to find the right hotel in Seattle for you.

The most expensive Seattle hotels are going to be right downtown or along the water, but there are plenty of hotels in downtown Seattle which will not break the bank, too. They might not be right across the street from the things you want to see, but Seattle has a good public transit system, so getting around is easy as long as your hotel is near a bus stop.

Seattle might not be the cheapest city in the U.S., but a 5 star hotel in downtown Seattle will still be cheaper than a 5 star hotel in New York City. So, if you can afford it, you might want to consider upgrading from your usual number of stars to treat yourself to a little luxury. Or you could stick with the same number of stars and save a little money for other fun things in Seattle.

While Seattle does not have wild fluctuations in weather between winter and summer, it does still have a high and low season for travel. If budget is your primary concern, you might try to visit during the late Autumn or Winter, when prices on Seattle hotels of all kinds will be lower. Of course, you will just have to remember to bring your raincoat with you.

We hope you have a great time in Seattle, and for more travel information be sure to take a look at our Seattle Travel Guide and read Seattle travel stories, too.