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Arab Festival ’07

August 4th thru 5th saw the 2007 Arab Festival held at the Seattle Center. Produced by the Arab Center of Washington (ACW), this festival is a labor of love to show the many positive facets of the Arabian culture and traditions.


There was much to see, hear, eat, drink and learn. This years highlight was May Nasr from Lebanon, who performed on stage. There was even a booth to explain to Arab-Americans how to get through customs with ease and how to tactfully handle any problems that may occur due to the present image many have of the Arab nations.

From the strong coffee provided by Al Kahwa Coffee to the Makloubah ( a savory dish of chicken, fried cauliflower, rice and a special salad), every sense had you daydreaming that you were somewhere in a distant coffee shop or restaurant in Morocco, or Egypt, or Lebanon…

Unfortunately there are always those who try and cause waves and upset everyones enjoyment… This group felt it necessary to make their presence known…