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Bite of Seattle Festival!!!

Food Glorious Food!!!

bratwurst and a brick of curly fries

If you like to look at food, eat food, smell food anything to do with food, the Bite of Seattle festival for you.

all kinds of food

From fresh vegetables and fruit, to gourmet olive oil, to, I kid you not, a “brick o’ curly fries”, this festival has everything to do with mouth watering temptation. Not to mention the free samples…

Buffalo dog??

If you are only mildly interested in food, there is always the different bands performing, you can get your blood pressure checked, your spine checked by a chiropractor (apparently I have a rib out of place) and after you finish all the free samples you can play badmington on the lawn.

For whatever the reason, enjoying the sights and sounds and smells and tastes of the Bite Of Seattle is well worth it.

mmmm yummy!