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Coffee Culture, episode 3

For a truly unique coffee experience wonder on down to the Pike Place Market and take a look along 1st street. The Crumpet Shoparticles-001.jpg has been there since 1976 and still going strong. Gary Lasater was looking for something different and when he came across a recipe for traditional English crumpets he felt he had just that.
What is a crumpet you may ask, well some might call it a round scone or perhaps a biscuit. Either way you look at it, delicious is what comes to mind. Starting with just jam and butter, demand soon saw an introduction to a wide variety of sweet and savory toppings. dscn1221.JPGdscn1224.JPG
Rob, the son of owners Gary and Nancy, who also works elbow deep in crumpets and toppings says his favorite is the smoked salmon and cucumber. But you might also decide on Green Eggs and Ham or my personal favorite, good old nutella.
You might be thinking that this is meant to be about the coffee culture of Seattle. Well you need to have something to wash the crumpet down and this little spot has an amazing assortment of imported teas and steaming hot coffee. For those who arrive before 830am you can get any size latte, any number of flavors or shots for just a $1.81 including taxdscn1220.JPG. All day long you can get endless tea, simply be sure to buy the large take out tea and you can come back anytime for a refill.
So if you are looking for something different to have with your coffee I highly recommend The Crumpet Shop.