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Need a break from Seattle in winter? Try Mexico.

acapulcoOkay, so for the last few articles on this site we’ve been talking about how you should visit Seattle, or how making a trip up to Vancouver BC from Seattle is easy to do (whether it’s for the Olympics or not), but let’s face it – at this time of year, who wants to be in Seattle or Vancouver when there are places further south with sun-drenched beaches in the middle of winter?

I mean, don’t get me wrong – I love Seattle, and I love Vancouver. And frankly, I kind of like the winter in both cities. Not being a snow person, I love how you don’t have to shovel the rain off your lawn in Seattle. I’ve lived in the Pacific Northwest most of my life and rarely get bummed out by the gray wintry days. But there’s something about this winter that’s making me cry out for a break – one that involves sun and sand.

Which is why I’m thinking about Mexico.

Mexico’s been going through some rough times lately publicity-wise, what with the swine flu thing and the cities that are struggling to cope with high crime rates from the drug trade. But the parts of Mexico that most sun-seeking tourists will see is so far removed from any of the problems the country is facing right now that it’s perfectly safe to go. What’s more, it’s even cheaper now as Mexico’s tourism board tries to lure people back.

Just the name “Acapulco” seems like something pulled out of the wayback machine, but this erstwhile booming beach resort city is still a popular vacation spot. Partly because some other resort cities have taken its place in the hearts of many vacationers, rates on hotels in Acapulco tend to be a little lower than in other popular beach cities – and that’s before we take into account the current discounts. You can get cheap flights to Acapulco, too, if you don’t find a package deal that combines your hotel and airfare.

If Acapulco isn’t your style, however, there are lots of other beachy places to escape the winter blues at this time of year. Cancun, Cozumel, and Mazatlan are some of the more popular places to go these days, and they’re packed with all-inclusive resorts that’ll let you sit back, relax, sip pretty drinks, and forget that there’s any rain in the world anywhere. There are plenty of cheap tickets to Mexico at this time of year to help you take your mind off winter.

photo by Andrew in Raleigh