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Seattle SandFest 2007!

The Seattle SandFest was held on Saturday, August 25th between the hours of 11am and 5pm.
But for the few days prior we got to watch as the plaza in front of Westlake Center on 4th and Pine was transformed into something reminiscent of a beach vacation for sculpturers.
a sand sculpture like no other

In truly amazing style numerous sand sculptures appeared overnight highlighting everything from Coffee, to animals to anything imaginable.
sand dog

But it wasn’t just sand, there was music, booths and games.

Some might wonder why make sand castles in the middle of a city. Not only is it fun for visitors to see the creativity of local seattle-ites but also all proceeds benefit The Moyer Foundation. Founded in 2000 by Major League All-Star Pitcher, Jamie Moyer and his wife, Karen. The foundation’s mission is to provide comfort and support to children enduring a time of profound physical, emotional or financial distress.