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Spring is in the Air!

It seems that there is a spring in every Seattlites step these days. The sun is up by 7am and is only disappearing after 6pm. During the day we can actually see that glorious ball of gold, with only the occasional wisp of cloud or a bit of morning fog to obscure it. The flowers are even starting to make themselves known.

Even with the slight nip in the air requiring a jacket, most of us swarm out of our houses and descend on any place where we can worship the sun god. A great place to do this is at the International Fountain in the Seattle Center. In the shadow of the space needle, this fantastic fountain is surrounded by lots of green grass and often has festive music playing. As the weather warms up it is also the perfect haven to cool down and relive your childhood.

From downtown take the monorail at 4th and Pine for $2, or the #15/#18 bus at 1st and Pike to the Key Arena, if it is a particularly beautiful day I highly recommend stretching your legs and walking straight down 2nd ave and you will walk right into the Seattle Center.