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Start planning your winter vacation

As September draws to an end we cannot help but notice the crisp morning air and the yellow leaves greeting us each morning. It’s fall and winter is coming…While some of us dread the idea of cold days, many love the idea of snow and heading for a ski resort to enjoy the winter sports.

The United States is filled with affordable ski resorts … you just need to do a little bit of research and start planning your next winter getaway. If you are in Seattle, then you are lucky: many lovely ski resorts are located just a flight away.

So, after you’ve decided where to head to, look for cheap air tickets and book the one that suits your budget and travel period. Don’t forget the accommodation either and you’ll need to rent a car, as well.

And speaking of cars, if you already own the ski and/or snowboard gear, consider looking for ski and snowboard racks . Especially if you plan to ski somewhere rather close to home, it surely saves quite a lot of money to plan to drive to the resort rather than fly there.

Winters are beautiful and snow offers plenty of opportunities to have fun, but remember that traveling during winter does have its hazards. Consider travel insurance in case your flight gets canceled due to weather and let the friends and family know where you are staying and when you should get back home. If you travel by car, fit it properly for the winter weather.

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