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Why You Should Add Seattle to Your RTW Trip

When travelers think of popular United States destinations, cities like New York, Chicago, Las Vegas, and Miami usually top the list, particularly when it comes to international travelers. If a traveler is thinking of planning a round the world trip, a city like Seattle may not be tops on the wish list, but it certainly could be.

Adding Seattle to a RTW trip itinerary would make any travel lover a happy camper. While there are certainly plenty of touristy things to do in Seattle, the vibe and citizens of the city make it quite unique, and long-term travelers will get a totally different perspective of the United States by visiting a city like Seattle as opposed to usual suspects. It’s significantly smaller than the New York’s and LA’s of the country, and while it can be pricey, it’s not nearly as expensive as visiting some other metropolitan areas.

If you’re looking to add a city that’s a little different, a little more unique, and one that is not always on the tourist radar, consider heading to Seattle. If you are purchasing a round the world plane ticket and plan on traveling around the United States, then it might be a good idea to add Seattle. It can be a great stopover destination, even if only for a weekend. While Seattle isn’t totally off the tourist radar, it’s usually not one of the first destinations travelers think of when planning a long, epic journey.

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