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Exploring the French Side of Seattle

Just because our own country’s birthday is in the rear-view mirror doesn’t mean the parties this summer are at an end. For internationally-minded folks, today marks France’s biggest national holiday – but if you can’t be in France right now, then you’ll be pleased to know there are some great spots to celebrate Bastille Day in the US, too. In fact, one of the best places stateside to honor the French holiday is Seattle.

You may not think of Seattle as being particularly French, but in the Pacific Northwest we do love an excuse to celebrate – especially in the summer, when we have to soak up all the sun we can. Assuming the weather is nice in mid-July, Bastille Day is as good a reason as any to book cheap flights to Seattle and enjoy this American take on French culture.

Seattle’s Bastille Day Festival is held over one of the weekends close to July 14th – in the case of this year, the festival happened last weekend – and takes place at the Seattle Center. Activities include live music, cooking demonstrations, a Citroën car exhibit, wine tastings (with only French wines, of course), screenings of Rick Steves’ France episodes, and art exhibits that change each year.

Because of its central location, the Bastille Day Festival in Seattle is easy to incorporate into a visit where you explore more of the city. Book a stay in one of the hotels near downtown Seattle, familiarize yourself with the bus system, and just like that you’ve got the makings of a great trip. Hang out at the Bastille Day Festival and then spend a few more days enjoying all the rest of what Seattle has to offer. Keep an eye on the schedule for next year’s festival, and then you can easily plan your Seattle trip around it.