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Where to Watch the World Cup in Seattle

If you didn’t plan well in advance to see this year’s World Cup in person – and if you’re not willing to shell out the big bucks for a last minute trip to South Africa – then you’re watching the games on TV. There are lots of reasons why watching the games from your own home is a desirable option (not least because the earliest games come on at 4:30am on the west coast), but if you’re the kind of person who prefers watching sporting events with other sports fans then you’ll want to find places in Seattle showing the World Cup.

Luckily there are quite a few bars that regularly show sports on their multiple screens, and many are opening early to take advantage of the 7am games. If a bar doesn’t have a confirmation on their website that they’re showing World Cup games, however, be sure to call ahead of time so you’re not disappointed when you show up. Here are some of the best places in Seattle to watch the World Cup.

>> Don’t forget to pay particular attention to the Swiss team – one of their players, Blaise Nkufo, was just signed by the Seattle Sounders and will arrive in the Emerald City after the World Cup.

  • All Nations Soccer Bar & Restaurant – Any place with “soccer” in the name is bound to be a good spot to watch the World Cup, and the All Nations Soccer Bar & Restaurant is just that. They’ll be showing nearly all the games, including many of the 4:30am games, but you do have to reserve a spot ahead of time (there’s a reservation form on their website). (930 N. 130th Street,
  • The Dray – Another place open for all games, including the 4:30am games, is The Dray. They’ll also have game replays on later in the day, too, if you’d rather not get up so early. (708 NW 65th Street,
  • Murphy’s Irish Pub – Murphy’s Irish Pub offers an interesting twist on watching the World Cup. The games will not only be in HD, they’re also available in 3D with the rental of special glasses at the pub. It’s almost like you’re there. The pub opens at 6:45am each day. (1928 N. 45th Street,
  • Fado Irish Pub & Restaurant – Ireland may not be in the World Cup, but at Fado Irish Pub & Restaurant they’re still eager to watch the tournament. They’ll be open for all the games live, including the 4:30am games. (801 1st Avenue,
  • Azzurri – The Azzurri wine bar is the place to be whenever the Italian team is playing, but they’ll be showing every live game no matter who’s playing. (223 N. 36th Street,
  • Cafe Presse – More a fan of the French team? Then head to Cafe Presse on Capitol Hill. They’ll be showing the games that start at 7am and later, including replays later in the day. (1117 12th Avenue,
  • George & Dragon Pub – Fans of the England team will want to head straight for the George & Dragon, as they’ll find themselves right at home. It even appears from the pub’s schedule on their site that they’ll be open for some of the 4:30am games in addition to regularly opening at 7am. (206 N. 36th Street,

Need more options? This map from the Seattle Times shows places that will have the World Cup on TV, which is helpful for choosing where you’ll go based on where it is in the city. And this list of soccer bars in Seattle is also a good reference, during the World Cup and when any soccer games are on TV.

photo by Ali Brohi